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Straight Teeth Are Healthy Teeth: Why Alignment Matters

Straight, tightly-spaced teeth aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They’re healthier than crooked, twisted, or gapped teeth. 

Your teeth are the gears that your jaw uses to chew food so that you can digest it properly. If the gears are out of alignment, it can affect every aspect of your health, including your digestion.

At Invisible Braces, our expert team is committed to giving you the healthiest, most functional smile possible. Oh, and your straight teeth will also be beautiful! 

What’s wrong with crooked teeth

Human adults have a bite strength of up to 162 pounds per square inch. A tooth can only do its job properly when an opposing tooth meets that force in perfect alignment. Crooked teeth create significant imbalances while chewing, which means that your:

If your teeth are just slightly misaligned, your bite may still be functional. However, severely misaligned teeth cause various issues that can impact your oral health and overall wellbeing. Symptoms can be mild or severe, including:

If you have one or more of these symptoms, they may be caused by your crooked teeth. 

Why your teeth are misaligned

Your teeth may have erupted incorrectly, which led to crooked teeth. Your teeth may also become misaligned due to:

Misaligned, crowded, and gapped teeth are harder to keep clean than straight teeth. If you have crooked teeth, you’re more likely to develop gingivitis or even periodontal disease.

You can straighten your teeth

You don’t have to live with crooked teeth or suffer their long-term consequences, such as pain, tooth chipping, and poor digestion. Our orthodontic team analyzes your bite and devises a solution to get your jaws and teeth back in gear. They may recommend:

Tooth extraction

If your teeth are too crowded, you may benefit from removing one or two teeth before your orthodontic treatment. This gives your remaining teeth room enough to shift into healthier positions.


Traditional metal wire and bracket braces can handle even very complex tooth movements to help you achieve a healthier bite. You can also choose to have clear acrylic braces or braces that are applied to the backs of your teeth for a cleaner look.

Clear aligners 

Clear aligners gradually and painlessly nudge your teeth into healthier positions. You need to wear the nearly invisible alignment trays for at least 20 hours per day. You also must change to a new, graduated tray every two weeks. Clear aligners work faster than traditional braces, as long as you wear them as directed. 

If you want to improve your oral health — and your smile — by straightening your teeth, call Invisible Braces today at 713-300-9765 or book an appointment online

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